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The Seawind 1370 is a generational step forward in catamaran design – though we are not going to standstill. There will be more new models to come in the following years. And we wish to bring the Catamaran community even more great adventure boats using our Australian boatbuilding heritage” – said Shane Grover, Seawind’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

Seawind Catamarans has hesitated to celebrate 2020 – a year full of surprises bad and good. But cruising and even inshore boating appear to have become an attractive way to take holidays while enjoying travel. The appeal of enjoying the outdoor environment while minimizing interactions with crowds and busy mainstream travel has hit home for Seawind Catamarans. Fortunately, being based in Vietnam where the Covid-19 situation has been well controlled by the authorities, we have largely been unaffected in terms of both our production schedule and development plans.

Seawind 1370 - bid cruising catamaran
Seawind 1370 – the newest catamaran model from Seawind
(click image to see the hull design)
Seawind Catamarans newest model: Seawind 1370 was released in July 2020

In early July 2020, we released the video which brought exciting news to the Seawind community — our new model, the Seawind 1370, was announced and unveiled. The Seawind 1370 is designed through a collaboration of Seawind Founder Richard Ward and French Naval Architect Francois Perus and is built using advanced, lightweight composites and vacuum infusion technologies. The boat is built to deliver a perfect balance between performance and liveaboard cruising comfort. And so, designed to reel off long ocean miles at ease, she has become the market leader for couples seeking to sail around the world: And we received no less than 37 orders within the orders within Seawind 1370 is a true greatest hits parade of the last 10 years of catamaran design. It’s got the truest of Seawind DNA –the folding, opening doors, along with the advanced saloon design seen on our glamorous Seawind 1600. The hull shapes are fast, while having the requisite storage space modern cruisers desire.

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