SEAWIND 1600 Reviewed by Pacific Yachting

A winner in the luxury performance cruising “cat”egory

Seawind 1600 Review

The “luxury performance cruising cat” has been an elusive animal for decades. Upwind agility usually loses out to the added weight of all those “luxuries” like extra volume, multiple refrigerators, huge battery banks, large engines and classy finishes. The term itself holds a vague promise, but to most  keptics it’s a flat-out misnomer. But intrepid builders keep trying to find the ideal marriage of comfort and speed and  that’s a good thing. With each effort, we get closer to that “perfect” combination and that’s why I found so much to like on the new Seawind 1600. – By ZUZANA PROCHAZKA


Pacific Yachting came out for a sail on board a new Seawind 1600, and the article dives into excellent technical details. Therefore we highly recommend a profound reading. The author finds Seawind 1600 a good-looking and fast cruiser.

The article dives into excellent technical details, therefore we highly recommend a profound reading. Zuzana Prochazka from Pacific Yachting found the 1600 to be a good looking and fast cruiser. And he clearly loved C-shaped gallery which was thoughtfully designed to allow chefs cooking offshore regardless conditions.

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“ENGINE AND SYSTEMS  How does a performance sailing cat do under power? At wide-open throttle and 3,200 rpm, we motored at 9.2 knots with upgraded, three-blade Gori folding propellers. A more economical cruising speed was at 2,200 rpm  and 8.2 knots where speed took only  a slight ding but fuel consumption improved nicely. With a nearly 26-foot beam the 57-horsepower Yanmar diesels are set wide apart so manoeuvring is easy and the visibility from the helms is excellent. There’s an option for engine controls at both helms so no matter which way you need to dock in a tight space, the sightlines are great. That may be listed as an option but any serious sailor will put that at the top of the wish list.”

How the Seawind 1600 reviewed by Pacific Yachting

The article is available in the November 2020 issue by Pacific Yachting.

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