Catamaran building – The new Seawind 1370 In-build: Resin Infusion

“Is this the most popular new design of 2021?  Phenomenal uptake in orders.” New Catamarans 2021’s Most Exciting Launches – Yachting World.
Seawind 1370


In the light of The new Seawind 1370 arrived on the market to great fanfare. As a result, we have received many technical questions surrounding the construction process of this new liveaboard cruising catamaran. As a matter of fact, It’s understandable that everyone would like to know how we build the most popular new catamarans of 2021! The first hulls for Seawind 1370 #1 is already in construction. Therefore now it’s time to take you on a deep dive into the first stage of construction.


At Seawind Catamarans, we require the production to achieve the highest standards, using advanced construction processes and techniques, using only the highest quality materials and equipment. Furthermore, all of that is supervised by a true expert in the field – our Lamination Manager, Danny Searle.  The overall aim is to achieve the most consistent, high-quality, and efficient level of construction while minimizing wastage and environmental impact. Through this craftmanship we can deliver a first-class and luxurious 45’ cruising catamaran.

Similarly to many composite catamarans, the Seawind 1370 has major components which include hulls, deck, liner, and large parts like consoles — all are moulded from fiberglass.

The 1370 being cut by a robot on a 5-axis milling machine.

Prior building the moulds, we created a master plug. The plug shown above is built to razor-sharp accuracy to produce a precise set of mould tools. From those moulds we can build perfect repeat parts for years to come.


Building Catamarans – Infusion

The video below shows the in-depth construction process involved in laminating the 1370 hulls and decks. And we’re thrilled to announce that the first boat has now been successfully infused! Executed according to a carefully-designed infusion strategy, and using top-quality tooling and materials, this is the most advanced Seawind yet.

With this intention, We hope this video will be technically useful and a fascinating watch! We welcome your comments and questions on the video.

Boat Building: Basic Construction of Resin, Fiberglass, and Cores Boat building basics.

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  • Like any other manufacturing company, Seawind Company has my admiration to transparency and pride your company affords its clientele. I hope to see this culture continue to even greater heights as I find my way in ordering one in the days ahead. More power, God bless!

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