Seawind Cruising Club issue 3

The latest issue of  the Seawind Cruising Club magazine has been released in November 2020. This is our third issue, and this has been a production of owner stories, technical info and the latest on all things Seawind. As always we have poured our hearts into the making of this volume and is the first Cruising Club to introduce  our newest catamaran model: The Seawind 1370.

Seawind magazine issuse 3
Seawind Magazine

We were also privileged to give you more technical aspects regarding Mainsail trimming, rig tuning as well as the pro’s and cons of both dagerboards and mini-keels. For those of you who are interested in being inspired by cruising stories and experiences, we have The Side Effects of Sailing and Over The top articles written by Chelsea Pyne and SV Selkie. Those 2 articles will surely inspire you to execute your big adventurous dreams as soon as you can. 

There is so much more inside, so grab a copy and get reading. The magazine is 100% FREE and available for download or in print from your local dealer or at your next boat show. We hope you enjoy reading this issue and have some feedback to share with us.

Read Seawind Magazine issue 3
Seawind Magazine

With over 600+ boats launched worldwide, our owners have accumulated millions of cruising miles. With such a chaotic and disruptive year, you won’t have found many Seawinds at boat shows or regattas, etc. but you will find all you need in our Seawind community.

Our team is standing by and ready to answer any questions.  However if you are eager to learn more about our models, you can find information at Seawind website

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