June 26, 2015


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  • Hi,
    I need to discover and learn more the Seawind boats…
    Who could help me to see and test them in Europe or in France?

    Thank you


  • Marc and I would love to get more information and update on Seawind Cats, especially we want to experience it’s sailing qualities.

  • Hi All and a Happy New Year. The Mrs. (just retired) and I are sailing Seniors. I’ve been retired for ten years enjoying our monohull for the last 15 years. I have seen and heard all the great aspects of the Seawind 1260. I have to say, that I’m kind of of fixated on the Seawind 1260 now, new or used.  Unfortunately, I am sorrowful to learn that the next iteration of Seawind 1260 waiting list is out to 2026? Since I’m up in age, realistically, we can’t wait. Yes, I should of acquired one a few years back, but life does get in the way, spouse had to work, grandbabies, yada, yada yada. Please consider this open note to the Seawind Sail Community that should you wish to sell your 1260 or give up your 2020-21 production build please reach out to me on gmail. Not sure if the Seawind editor would publish this for us, but I certainly hope that they do. Thanks you for the read and stay safe, and healthy. Don’t wait…just get out there. Please reach out to me at baylifestyles.  Happy New Year.

  • Will you be at the EU exhibitions this year 2022 (Croatia, France). Or can you direct us to owners around the EU so we can have a look at the Seawinds?


  • Hi there!! Fifth sailboat, first cat. Our ‘09 Seawind1000 XL.
    Waiting for her new standing rigging etc to be completed. I want to put white Sunbrella on top of the blue bimini for better protection and better cooling. Sew or glue?? I can sew and if I do, I’ve found marine 303 for protection over the threads. So no leaks. Any suggestions? Comments? Helpful insight?

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