Why sell your yacht with Seawind?

If you are ready to sell your yacht, look no further than Seawind. We have a global dealer network with expertise to maximize your sale. With more than 35-year experience building and selling boats, we deal with contracts, new registration, and insurance details easily. Besides, we make sure your boat finds the new right owner as quickly as possible at the best possible price.

Benefits of selling your yacht with Seawind

  • Extensive reach: Your yacht will be listed not only public on Seawind website, which has more than 50K of monthly traffic from serious sailors and boat buyers, but also our own database of buyers, social media and other channels.

  • No worries about advertisement: You don’t have to worry about advertising strategy. All we need is good photos of your boat in the best condition.

  • Global Dealer Network: Yes, we have a global dealer network that can easily assist you no matter where your boat is located. And what’s more, this network is expanding to the very next door of your house.

  • Boat survey and sea trial assistance: We’ve got your back! Usually serious boat buyers will request sea trials and surveys. We will attend those sea trials on your behalf and handle marine survey, which no longer takes you hours of work.

How to sell your yacht with Seawind?

  • Prepare your yacht: This is the most important step. Enthusiasts love clean and well-maintained boat. Make sure it’s in the best condition.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words: This seems a cliché but in order for us to help you sell your boat quick, you just need to take good photos. Some walkthrough video tours are even better.

  • Price determination: Price depends on your boat’s age and condition. If you’re not sure about this, perform a boat survey or simply let us set a reasonable price for your boat.

  • Organize the documentation: All the documentation should be ready before being listed, including boat registration, owner’s manual, and any warranty or service history, etc. Serious buyers will look into shipyard’s details such as date of purchase, mast height, deck equipment, engine, etc. for inspection.

  • Negotiating and closing the deal: Once the new owner is ready to sign on the bottom line, our dealer will sort out all the registration, contract, tax, and insurance details. Your job is to keep the buyer feel special about your boat as you feel. Be helpful. In the end, you’ll give the new owner your great boat to start their own journey.

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