Catamaran Buying Tips: Time to Buy

Catamaran Buying Tips: Time to Buy



3D Seawind Infusion

If you’ve gone to a boat show recently – and chances are you’ve been to a few, then you’ve no doubt heard that catamaran lead times are long.  That’s not just because “they’re hot”.  Catamarans are difficult, and expensive to build.  Building a 40-foot catamaran has all of the complications, and more, of building a 60-foot monohull.  That’s why it’s so difficult for any shipyard to sell a real cruising catamaran at a competitive price, without sacrificing on quality.  So if they’re done well, they take a long time.  And that’s why the image at the top of this article is of our vaccum infusion process – not a picture of two sales guys shaking hands across a conference table.  Long lead times are not just a result of popularity, they’re a result of quality too.  So talk to us early about timelines and what’s involved in making your boat.



Attention to Detail Takes Time – See This Flexiteak Hatch

Shipyard X are “sold out” until 2020.  Not quite.  Charter boats still make up the vast majority of all catamarans sold.  And charter companies are (rightly) hungry for cats.  So it’s true – those ones are sold.  But in the world of cruising boat sales, in most regions, dealers are king.  Large commercial dealerships command rights to most of the mass-produced catamaran delivery slots.  If you’re unlucky enough to be buying a catamaran from a smaller country, or a small region in a big country, you might not be aware that your dealer might have to buy that delivery slot from another larger dealership.  So while the shipyard might be able to say they are sold out for 3 years, that doesn’t mean there’s a buyer for all of those boats.

Talk to us about a delivery slot and we’ll give it to you straight – that means the next available boat.  Your slot won’t be kicked down the line to accomodate an order from a large charter company.  And it won’t be switched with another dealer’s slot.  We know that you want to take your boat cruisng.  So it’s simple and straight forward – we’ll give you the next available space – really.


If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been to see some mass-produced cruising catamarans and something has you worried or concerned.  But you might be surprised to read that, not only do we allow some changes to the base boat spec, we even encourage your suggestions.  Let’s not kid – it’s true that layouts are “fixed”.   That’s because part of the reason Seawind Catamarans are so strong is the furniture modules are part of the structure of the boat – they’re not a burden on the hulls and wing, they actually strengthen and stiffen it.  So changing such fundamentally important parts is difficult.  However, for some parts, the reason you can’t change these on a mass-produced sailing catamaran is the boat needs to stay largely the same so it can be easily exchanged with another in the production line.  But with Seawind Catamarans, if you buy hull number XYZ, that’s the one you’ll get.  So talk to us about your ideas, your concerns, and let’s come up with a solution if possible.  Nothing is guaranteed, but we do guarantee our effort to meet your needs.

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  • I love your Vietnam location to deploy my new boat, but a constructive comment, 。。。some 43 feet long has a front saloon and a hard top sun deck sitting area.

  • After reading the catamaran and buying tips I was very impressed after reading these articles thank you for publishing them I guess that’s what set you aside from other companies it is refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that value the truth.

  • Thanks for the tip that looking for more customization options is one thing to consider when browsing though boats for sale. One of the things I’d like to do next year is to be able to go on a fishing trip with my son. He has always been interested in marine life ever since he started reading the encyclopedia that he stumbled upon in my study.

  • I am actually dead sold in my preference for a catamaran with Seawind. The highlights of rigid strength from fixtures incorporated with its hull structure is a major offering. If I have to buy direct, launch the cat from Vietnam pick the boat up myself, I wonder if I could save more.

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