Get onboard the Seawind 1600 and 1160 at 2021 Annapolis Sailboat Show

Get the opportunity to view the Seawind 1600 and 1160

October, the season of red leaves and pumpkins, is just around the corner. For the boating community, this means the U.S. Sailboat Show is taking place back to back at City Dock, as it does every October. The United States Sailboat Show, held on Oct 14-18, 2021, has acres of exhibitors all waiting to take care of your sailing needs. From the newest boat models on the market to the latest in navigational equipment, high-tech electronics, boating accessories, clothing, and gear will be on the dock for attendees to explore.

This year, two of our superior catamaran models, the Seawind 1600 and Seawind 1160, are presented at the show. Both are available for an onboard experience. This show brings you the greatest opportunities to learn more about the award-winning catamaran under 40ft Seawind 1160 and the Seawind 1600, which won SAIL Best Large Multihull 50ft and Above.

All your questions about both models and Seawind Catamarans as a whole would be answered thoroughly. Grab this opportunity to have a chat with our knowledgeable and experienced dealers, from boat handling to maintaince and sailing tips. It is only a click away.

Register to test sail the Seawind 1160

Learn about the Seawind 1160:

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Pre-book in advance to test sail the Seawind 1600

Learn about the Seawind 1600:

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Please note that the Seawind 1600 is available for viewing by appointment only. Access will be assigned and awaiting your arrival on your appointed time. So if you have limited availability and want to ensure time is set aside to get aboard both of these vessels, please be sure to register for a viewing below:

United States Sailboat Show – more than just a boat show

Attending the United States Sailboat Show will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the multihull community as well as bring you substantial knowledge, tips and tricks from the evergrowing boating community. Whether you are new to sailing or a highly experienced sailor, being at this year’s Sailboat Show would bring an awe to attendants of all age.

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