A week with Seawind 1160 at Whitsundays

Free range sailing is a YouTube channel belonging to a couple – Troy and Pascale. The channel helps share their passion and love for fishing, travel and adventure by cruising around Australia. One day, Pascale decides it’s time to get her family experience what she’s been enjoyed for a few years, so she chartered a catamaran (Seawind 1160) for the first time. Here is the story of how her family well-spent their holiday together on a charter boat.

How the trip starts

Nowadays people get busy with their works and own lives. It’s not easy to gather all people that you love at one place and have good moments with them all on daily basis. In Troy and Pascale’s case, it is hard because they sail to remote places, so they can’t meet their beloved ones every day. This family holiday means a lot to everyone to be on this trip for a week. Therefore, sailing is definitely recommended for a family trip, especially to improve, reunite and rebuild your relationship; as it involves teamwork, understanding and communication with each other.

Why Seawind 1160?

One of the reasons Pascale decides to charter a catamaran is its capability to carry a big family like hers with 8 members in total. And her mom gets seasick pretty easily. The Seawind 1160 is described as a cosy boat which is perfect for a family holiday. “We love the space in the saloon and cockpit for relaxing and entertaining” Pascale shared.

Family holiday

Their trip started in the morning when all men gathered, sailed up and headed to the blue water. Then they headed to the Hazelwood Island where Troy put out the fishing net to catch some fish for their dinner and some live baits for their night fishing off the boat. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of mullet, stingray, and whiting due to the high tide, and all the fish came up to the shallow.

With the unlucky mullets, Troy caught a little shark which then was filleted and prepared for their free dive fish feed. After picking up a mooring buoy, which was one of the most popular tourist spots on the Whitsundays, everyone was astonished with the number of fish came up to the boat waiting for the feed.

At this spot, they saw five giant Maori wrasses (a.k.a Hump head wrasse) loitering around the mooring for free feed. What next was just jumping into the blue water and feeding the fish with bare hands.

Note #1, you need to take extra cautious as you don’t want to harm these wild animals with any chemicals, even the sunscreen on your hands while feeding the fishes.

“We did had a real party boat with diving and playing with all kinds of fishes.” Pascale smiling. After that they took a long swim for extra summer feel and headed back to Hazelwood Island.

 “One of the great thing about sailing is that you could just simply stop and explore new islands.” Pascale

Pascale, Oliver and Troy jumped into the dingy to go have a look at their snorkels at the fringing coral of Windy Bay. They finished their day with another free dive here. The coral and blue creatures were unimaginably beautiful as they stated.

Fishing time

Choosing a experienced local skipper was a must because he would know the area well and could help your group enjoy your holiday just the way you wanted it to be. Here Troy’s been cruising around Australia for a while, he knew which areas Pascale’s family could catch more fish. During this trip, Troy and Pascale caught one of the largest shark mackerels they have ever seen. With the anchor down in a little bay that Troy thought looked quite fishy, it was time to process the mackerel. And Ollie wanted to give it a try under Troy’s instruction. It turned out to be a huge success.

Seawind 1160



Finding an activity that the whole family enjoys with each other is special. We’re happy to see Pascale and her whole family having fun on our Seawind 1160 catamaran. Especially each of them brought home amazing fishing achievements. We’re happy to listen and share your experience with Seawind community.

If you want to see their full happy family holiday with our Seawind 1160 catamaran. Here is the video:

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