LIVE UPDATE: Seawind Catamarans at the Southampton Boat Show 2021

We are already one week into the Southampton International Boat Show 2021 and we’ve been having a blast, with a remarkable flow of visitors on the docks to see the Seawind 1190 Sport on display.

The Southampton International Boat Show, one of Britain’s biggest festivals of boating, finally kicked off on September 10th. It’s the first major boat show of the year in Europe, and it’s clear that many visitors expected it to be the best boat show of the year too. As such, the show planned many fun activities for families to spread the crowds across the day to preent overwhelming the most well-known catamarans. The first week of the show has been lucky with the weather too – making the many water sport activities such as such as surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding all the better. The festive atmosphere has been enhanced with festive live music including leading act Tori Sax. The dock have been busy, but full of fun.

This year, the Seawind 1190 Sport, winner of Cruising World’s Boat of the Year, is on display. The Southampton International Boat Show runs from the 10th to 19th of September, 2021.

The Seawind 1190 is exhibited at Stand M152, Pile 16A, Wet Wheel 3 and has been welcoming many keen visitors onboard.

The first week at the show for Seawind has been absolutely amazing. Visitors at our Stand No. M152, Pile 16A, Wet Wheel 3, were immediately thrilled to get onboard the Seawind 1190, to view the exteriors and experience the interiors of the boat. It was easy to spot Seawind thanks to the excellent location with a clear view on the dock.

Day 1 was the busiest day for us as the weekend expects endless flows of sailors and families arriving to get hands-on experience with the winner of the Cruising World Boat of the Year 2017. The children love playing at the deck and parents, experiencing the tri-fold doors! Families had a fun time onboard and some even were hesitant to leave after a while.

“She playfully tried to open the Seawind 1190 tri-fold doors”
Serious works at the Southampton Boat Show 2021
Children love playing at Seawind deck
Everyone was having an amazing time

And a cutest review of the Seawind 1190:


We were also thrilled to see Nigel and Debra, the sailing couple who bought their first Seawind 1200, ‘Mango’, back in 2002. It’s always great to catch up with members of the Seawind Family all over the world. This only shows how much the we have grown in the past 40 years!

This exciting 10-day event has so far been a blast for not only visitors on the day but organizers and everyone involved. It is amazing to see how the boating community is getting together to enjoy this amazing show and a good sign that things here are returning to normal. This is definitely our best first week at Southampton Boat Show in 10 years!


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