September Catchup with Seawind Community

What our Seawind Community has been up to?

Whoosh! We are fast approaching final quarter of 2021. Time flies when you’ve gone sailing! We say goodbye to September with the successful wrapup of the 2021 Southampton Boat Show, where the Seawind 1190 Sport, winner of Cruising World’s Boat of the Year, was on display. The 10-day event was a blast for not only visitors on the day but organizers and everyone involved! Read more.

September also sees many amazing adventures on the Seawind 1260, 1160, and of course, the Seawind 1600. It is wonderful to see the Seawind Catamarans Community sailing all over the world, then come together to share their amazing journeys. Let’s look at some hightlights of the month:

Sailing Ruby Rose’s Walk-through Tour & Review of the Seawind 1260

Is this the world’s best bluewater catamaran? What makes the Seawind 1260 the top choice amongst the sailing enthusiasts? Watch the videos below to find out! Nick & Terresa from Sailing Ruby Rose will walk you through their Seawind 1260 ‘Ruby Rose’ and share some honest and straightforward thoughts.

How about watching this with a fun drinking game: Take a drink every time Nick says “again”

A while ago, the sailing community also had a debate over the catamaran galley position. Our Galley Up, Galley Down article, which is an excerpt from Multihulls Word Magazine Issue #178. Many have voiced their opinions and indeed, Nick & Terresa also have a say about the galley position onboard their Seawind 1260. The Seawind 1260 features the galley down layout, and what are the pros and cons that come with it? Learn more:

Catamaran Engine Options: Outboards vs. Inboards

Another tech talk this month from Tulas’ Endless Summer featuring the Seawind 1160, and it’s another debate about catamaran engine options. Weightning between inboard diesel versus gas outboard engines, Bill and Sierra provide insights into the Honda outboards, Yamaha outboards and Yanmar inboards: fuel type and consumption, capacity, electrical production, sailing efficiency, repairs and maintenance, and more. What did they settle with? Let’s find out:

Sailing the Seawind 1600 with Harbors Unknown

What is it like sailing in Maine on the Seawind 1600? Fabio and Kristin (@harborsunknown) began their September journey on the Seawind 1600 ‘Wanderlust’, sailing from Provincetown to Gloucester through the waters of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Read more.

Upcoming Seawind Catamarans Event

And the most important of all, the 2021 United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis MD is happening in just 2 weeks! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get onboard our beautiful new flagship, the Seawind 1600, and the award winning 38 foot Seawind 1160.

  • ​Date: 14th – 18th October, 2021
  • ​​​​​​Venue: City Dock, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

Please note that the Seawind 1600 is available for viewing by appointment only. Access will be assigned and awaiting your arrival on your appointed time. So if you have limited availability and want to ensure time is set aside to get aboard both of these vessels, please be sure to register for a viewing below:

Both catamarans will be at Dock A1, A11 – A12. Please find attached a complementary map for your viewing, or download here.

For more information, please click here:

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