Oh my!!! Seawind 1260

“Oh my…I’ve fallen in love again! ” Was Carol Seifers, (ex long time Seawind 1160 owner) message to Seawinds Richard Ward this week.

“Congratulations on the new girl in town.  Dan and I thought that our Seawind 1160 was the best boat on the water.  But, now look what you’ve done.  If we were 20 years younger, I’d be pushing to be at the top of the waiting list.”

For many years Dan and Carol owned Caprice and chartered her from their home in San Fransisco bay. Now after many years of sailing the west coast they are moving inland. Oh, and their waterfront house is on the market, if you’re looking for a waterfront property in San Fransisco with space for your new 1260 check out their listing on Zillow.

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