16.5% ROI on a Seawind 1260


The Seawind 1260 has last week won Cruising World’s prestigious “Boat of the Year” for 2019.  With that in mind, it’s a great time to update you on a few programmes to help bring this boat within reach.  It might be more cost-effective to buy one than you think…



As Cruising World rightly identified, what makes the Seawind 1260 special is that she is a perfect cruising boat for exploring the world.  But often the budget dictates that you should not spend cash on your perfect boat.  So it’s right to point out that it can also make a good charter boat – and one that will still have plenty of life left in it once it finishes its tour in charter.  Here is an example of the returns you would get if you placed a 4-cabin, 2-heads, Seawind 1260 in Charter with our friends at Barefoot Yacht Charter in the Grenadines.

Just South of Saint Lucia, The Grenadines offers exciting tradewinds sailing, but also relatively high returns on charter catamarans.  In other words, this location offers programmes that can help you get your boat sooner. But it’s also nice to know that the location has full service marinas, fine restaurants, excellent anchorages, and a full charter boat service centre…


The “Max ROI”-type programme can offer up to 16.5% returns on a 4-cabin, 2 heads Seawind 1260.  However it can be practical as well as financially astute practical.  It’s based on revenue sharing with the charter operator.  In other words, when charters start turning a profit (after all costs are accounted for) the profits are split between the operator and the boat owner.  So that means the operator doesn’t start making a profit until you do.  But on the other hand, if there were a bad year the revenue isn’t guaranteed. In such a year the boat might never transition from covering costs to generating revenue.


FIXED RETURNIf no firm guarantee of revenue return has you concerned, then it might be a fixed-return model which works for you.  This programme guarantees a return of 8.5% annually.  But it’s capped at 8.5%.  In a really good year you don’t have the potential to earn up to the 16.5% max in the “Max ROI” programme.  You’ll just tick along at 8.5% per year until you’re ready to leave the programme and go cruising.


When it comes to putting your Seawind 1260 into Charter, you might have some other locations in mind.  Seawind has relationships with charter operators in the Whitsundays, Croatia, Seattle, the Abacos, and the Grenadines shown in the illustration above.   And What will you offer, and how does this set you apart from the competition?  Let’s make sure your boat is the only game in town – offering fun, excitement, and economy in the proportions you see fit.  Our team are familiar with many of the best business models on the market, so don’t be afraid to speak to us on ways we can help your business to differentiate.  And many Seawind 1160 RESORT owners are repeat buyers – that means they have tried and tested experience in the commercial world of day charter.


Serious considerations might be based not on the charter returns but on other criteria – such as where you want to start cruising when you do take your boat out of charter, or how close to home you want it.  Perhaps you’ll be using your boat in the off season to train up and prepare for your big adventure.  Whichever location you might have in mind, it’s worth talking to Seawind early on, because we might be able to help make the dream a reality sooner than you think.

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