Worldwide Premeire Announced: Seawind 1260 to debut at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Seawind 1260 at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 2017

Built on a track record of Success 

With over 35 years of designing and building catamarans for Australia’s harsh east coast conditions, Richard Ward knows what it takes to build boats capable of taking on the world’s oceans. Unsatisfied in making any sacrifices to accomplish the plush accommodation space required in today’s market, the Seawind design team has set out to take our newest offshore design to the next level. The result is the new Seawind 1260 – the 2017 design aimed at providing owners with not only one of the world’s most capable offshore cruiser, but also sublimely enhanced onboard living space and luxuries. No mere floating condominium – Seawind 1260 is built to allow anybody to feel at home, whenever onboard, regardless of the conditions, for no matter how long.  

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Seawind 1260 outside.jpg

The New Seawind 1260 will be on display at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May

Uncompromising Performance

The Seawind 1260 has all of the cruising practicality you would expect from a new Seawind, but delivered on a platform of fast, performance hulls with a fine bow entry and strong stiff construction.  Poise is combined with power in the shape of a taller rig and relatively larger sail area, providing a power to weight ratio designed to set pulses racing.  This additional power delivers the speed to bring significantly more destinations within reach, satisfying a modern market which may need to fit “extended” cruising into only a few weeks or months.


Seawind 1260 Aft View.jpg

Combine the saloon and cockpit in the Seawind 1260 for al fresco dining aboard

Supreme Comfort Meets Modern Design

Seawind’s sustained success over so many years is built on key features which are part of our DNA.  Immediately recognizable are the tri-fold cockpit doors which fully open to combine the saloon and cockpit in the Seawind 1260 – a feature unmatched in the market, and which provides over 13m2 of open living space.  The new 1260 enhances this feature further by adding a modular cockpit arrangement.  Move chairs and seats to arrange the space as you need it, as circumstances demand.  Seat 8 people inside, and another 8 outside.  Or bring everyone in and make that a dozen inside or easily clear the cockpit for a long passage.  The 1260 provides flexibility and luxury while sacrificing none of the practicality that made previous Seawind models the success they are.  Seawind 1260 provides unparalleled entertainment space in a boat of this size.

Seawind 1260 saloon.jpg

Your view through the tri-fold cockpit doors

A Charter Boat for Sailors

A charter boat is more than just adding a 4th cabin – A 4-Cabin Charter Version of a Seawind 1260 is a boat to provide the space and comfort needed on a limited-time holiday, and the quality and durability to stand the test of time.  The new 1260 is all of that and more – she is a boat built for sailors by sailors.  With performance hulls and enough sail area to excite, combined with carefully designed sail handling and management systems, the Seawind 1260 makes for a charter holiday you will want to repeat every year.  And the Seawind 1260 can handle hot chartering climates – she features the same unique ventilation system as on our other models which combine ventilation in the cabins, the forward opening windows, and the tri-fold doors to draw air through the boat even in the most serene conditions.  The large and rugged targa top provides shelter from the sun and rain alike.  But she does it all with performance and sailing pleasure.  And of course, she is built with Seawind quality construction, high resale values, and enduring appeal.

The first Seawind 1260 can be found at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, from May 25th-28th, 2017.  To make a viewing appointment contact:  Shane Grover

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