Performance & Comfort, Perfect for Couples

Perfect for couples

A number of 1190 Sport catamarans have now been sold into the United States. Many of the sailors stepping into new 1190 Sports are coming from a background of racing sports boats or small trimarans such as the Corsair 31. The time has come however, to look for a boat better suited to a lifestyle of enjoyable cruising and on board comforts. Not willing to give up the love of fast sailing the Seawind 1190 has been a perfect fit for these couples.

Seawind 1190 Sport helming.jpg

“I liked the boat immediately. If I were considering a multihull, this is one of the boats I’d be seriously looking at. It’s simple, but it’s sincere. It’s real. And I think Carol nailed it: It would be a fast, awesome coastal cruiser”

Ed Sherman,
  Cruising World

Earlier in the year Seawind was thrilled to be rewarded with the judges choice award in Cruising World’s boat of the year competition. Those that sailed her complimented the design on her ease of handling and shallow draft (she floats in under 2′ of water), she is configured to be single handed and can easily be managed by husband and wife.

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The 1190 Sport is a boat for real sailors, the writers at Cruising World have identified this after just one test sail and fallen in love with the 1190, as a fast, simple and fun boat to sail. Herb Mccormick closes out an article with a quote from Ed Sherman:

“This boat,” he said, “would just be a lot of fun.”

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