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Seawind 1260 “Sies al Mar” was launched in June this year & sailed from Vung Tau to Thailand by Bill Taylor & Richard Ward & Kerry Fahey. Bill then flew home to San Diego USA where he is a clinical medical professor doing neurosurgery. He had a couple of months work back home in San Diego & then he and his wife Carolyn returned to Thailand in September & continued their sailing cruise to Nongsa Marina, Batam, close by to Singapore.

They obviously had a wonderful time and loved their new boat and wrote this wonderful email to express their thanks for Seawind / Corsair for designing & building such a wonderful boat. It is emails like this one that make doing what we do so rewarding.

By the way – Sies al Mar is Spanish for “If to the Sea”. San Diego is on the USA – Mexico border where Spanish is the second language.

Mike and Richard,

Sent Mike a long email with questions but thought I would fill you in on Sies al Mar.

What a great boat, we had so much fun the last 2 months and have worked our way down to Nongsa. Why anyone would buy another boat than seawind is beyond me.

Sailing we can easily average 8-9 k on beam reach w 11-13k of wind. The asym spin works great and we have improved our deployment time!

Wind built to 15 k just aft of beam and we were going 10-12 knots but felt a little much for husband and wife crew. Easily sails at 7.5 k in 9-12k until wind goes to far aft.

Boat is very comfortable and with all the air flow we used the comforter occasionally at night.

I made a few mistakes in selection, should have gotten electric toilets and air conditioned for marina Power only.

You mentioned that someone from office may want to bring boat up to Phuket/Langkawi area in  a few months   So let me know.

Congrats on building a real winner.  We couldn’t be happier.

Carolyn and Bill Taylor, owners of Seawind 1260 “Sies al Mar”




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