Seawind 1600 #2 – First pictures released

As attention shifts to the debut of the Seawind 1600 at the Barcelona Boat show, work continues at the shipyard as 1600 #2 enters stage 2 construction and 1600 number 3 began production.

This week, the hull and deck were joined on Seawind 1600 #2.  The characteristic bows and the coachroof eyebrow are now prominent.  Here are the pictures with the process of joining deck and hull still under way.  Cockpit targa top, blacked-out coachroof pillars, and other features of the 1600 deck are added after much of the equipment and materials enter the boat to prevent damage while in construction.  Hull windows too, are still to cut.

As 1600 #2 left the mold, construction began on number 3.  Here she is in the earliest of stages.  Where 1600 number 1 is equipped for non-stop ocean cruising, and comes with all of the gear and toys for extended life aboard, 1600 number 3 may be the most performance-oriented 1600 yet.  Number 2 sits in-between.  And while the 1600 was designed to cope with higher weight – giving her the added ability to carry more for those long, long trips, nevertheless we count every gram and every kilo with every component or material added.

Seawind 1600 Number 3 enters Construction

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