Performance Through Intelligent Design

Performance Through Intelligent Design

Comfort and performance are a tradeoff discussed endlessly.  The 1600 strikes this balance through the use of advanced build technologies and continuous weight-saving efforts.  However, strategically placed carbon fibre reinforcements to the daggerboard case, bow and other areas not only make the 1600 stiff and fast, but also give her the beachability that so many Seawind catamarans are renown for.

As seen in the animation above, through the use of retracting daggerboards and rudders, and despite the lack of mini-keels, the 1600 is safe on a sandy shoal.  The minimum draft (with daggerboards and rudders up) is only 54cm – or 2ft 1inches.  That means the Seawind 1600 can enter many areas typically reserved only for mini-keeled multihulls or daysailers, such as reefs and sandy inlets.

Captive daggerboards, which don’t protrude through the deck, reduce maintenance and keep a clean deck that could otherwise prove hazardous offshore.  And this approach conveniently maintains the aesthetic of the stunning Reichel Pugh design.  The daggerboard lifting mechanism is run to the cockpit, so there’s no need to rush forward and then cross the boat to raise the boards.

We hope you like our blend of comfort and performance, which owes a lot to the Seawind philosophy of making every boat as simple and reliable as possible

See you at the launch in Barcelona.

The Seawindcats Team

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