Seawind 1260 AO heading South to Los Angeles

We’ve just had an update from one of our recent Seawind 1260 owners Doug Gonda, as he sails his new 1260 south from Seattle. Here’s his story below:

Hello Seawind people,

Our Seawind 1260 AO is moving south down the US West Coast with my brother, Chris and Robin Mohr (*) onboard. We are now safely anchored in Northern California for diesel. We had wind at our nose for the first 12 hours and then 15 to 33 knot winds from behind with following seas and 2+ meter waves. The 1260 has performed well and is very comfortable. 

AO was anchored at Lopez Island, Washington at sunrise before Robin arrived.
Ao is well equipped for catching fish offshore and we have been hooking up with Tuna.

Robin has been very helpful. He is a good guy and an excellent teacher. We are all having fun.

We were boarded by US Coast Guard in Washington and they inspected the Ao. As you can see from photo of Robin, me and the Coast Guard officers, we passed the inspection.

(*) Robin Mohr is Seawinds US Customer Service Representative.  

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