What the Vlog?

You may already be up to speed on the recent trend of vlogging, or like many the term may be new to you. In short a Vlog is a video-blog, a compilation of homemade (or in some cases – semi professional) video’s following the stories or adventures of it’s host. This trend has recently seen great numbers of sailors taking to vlogging, walking you through their day to day lives onboard, taking you along on adventures and even in some cases showing you through the buying process. Vlogs can be a great way to learn about the cruising life, the buying process and boat maintenance.

Here are some of our favorite Vlogs from fellow Seawind Catamaran owners:



Blogging and Vlogging can be a great way to share your experiences with friends, family and fellow sailors. It is also a great way to capture memories of your experiences and adventures. If you are interested in starting a Vlog but don’t know where to start there are a number of online resources available, learn how to Vlog HERE>>

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