The success of annual Seawind & Corsair Pittwater Regatta 2022

11th annual Seawind & Corsair Pittwater Regatta Report

Last weekend saw the Seawind & Corsair Pittwater Regatta return to the North of Sydney with challenging conditions brought on by La Nina. There’s no better way to start your sailing and racing season in the Australia than with this collegiate and family-friendly Regatta.  Following is a series of photos in tribute to the owners who joined in at another fantastic event.  

Sponsors of the event included:

“Huge congrats to the success of annual Seawind & Corsair Pittwater Regatta 2022 which there’s no better way to start your racing season in the Australia than with the Corsair & Seawind Regatta.”

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An Ode to the Seawind Pittwater Regatta 2022 :

The week began like any other
But a forecast to make you shudder
A beat up north to the regatta
Against the desire of the rudder   

Our foe La Nina was visiting
With Pittwater in its sights 
And before the weekend was over
A southerly buster to cause you fright   

But a few fearless sailors showed
To out do each other 
Racing their Seawind catamarans
Teeth bared, but with friendly banter   

As the rain drizzled down and the skies greyed
‘Moonglider’ advanced in light breeze
Then rounded the top mark in first place
And removed it with great ease   

A cunning move to throw the fleet
Or so they all first thought 
Until ‘Maree’ cut the corner 
One more place that they caught   

‘Lion’s Den’ arrived just in time
To be late for the first race
So they enjoyed an ale or two
And kept a questionable pace   

‘Pirate King’ lived up to its name
A Motley Crew that bunch
Seemed to find their pace quite late
Or was it that long lunch  

It’s no surprise the ‘Regatta’ excelled 
With the others in their wake
It took less time for the rum to show
With a grin you just can’t fake   

Rafting up to ‘Catty Shack’ 
For a three-course potluck dinner
Civilised, delicious and sophisticated 
Until someone said ‘Tequila’!   

Then dancing started onboard
The committee boat called ‘Noma’ 
To the Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Springsteen, 
Until they finished in a coma   

It was little surprise that very next day
When deep in contemplation
Pirate Pete woke to an empty bay
Ironically onboard the late ‘Reflections’  

‘Renaissance’ showed us how it’s done
Local knowledge of the season
While others unmentioned nearly collide
Without wind, rhyme or reason   

So against all odds, we rose above
While others stayed home tortured
Cause you can’t beat a laugh with mates
On a good boat on the water”

Entry is now open for the next owners regatta to be held in Brisbane on the 18th and 19th of November. Entry available at  

We would love for you to join us for a fun weekend of sailing with your Seawind companions. This is a great opportunity to practice your sailing skills, meet other boat owners and enjoy one of Queensland’s fantastic sailing playgrounds.

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