The 1160 RESORT in Action and in Service

Through the new Seawind 1160 Resort, some exciting new businesses have opened – delivering their owners a great return on investment, but also the opportunity to work doing what they love.  Here we wanted to feature 2 businesses that receive rave reviews from guests, and deliver a sustainable and growing business model – indeed some of these businesses already have another boat on order!

Who wouldn't want to spend their days on the water, meeting friendly holidaymakers, making new friends and doing what makes you happy? The 1160 Resort from Seawind Catamarans offers up to 43pax

Who wouldn’t want to spend their days on the water, meeting friendly holidaymakers, making new friends and doing what makes you happy? The 1160 Resort KURU owned by City of Darwin Cruises carries up to 43 guests. Learn more about this successful charter model


City of Darwin Cruises, and their 1160 Resort KURU has been an instant success.  One of the first new 1160 Resorts ordered, KURU is featured in our 1160 Resort video and comes perfectly equipped to explore Darwin Harbour and the region.  City of Darwin Cruises offer “a unique eco-sailing and history experience of Darwin” but they also run corporate events, weddings, and kids parties.


Eco-tourism is a buzzword in today’s charter market, but with a new Seawind 1160 RESORT that’s not just hype – the boat can come equipped with a revolutionary electric drive system that eliminates emissions and helps your business show the natural environment, without contributing to harming it.  Electric propulsion isn’t just an environmental issue – it’s an economic one as well.  Day charter catamarans see a lot of use in an active, busy business.  Fuel consumption is an important consideration.  And, when financing a catamaran for business purposes, it could be important to shift those costs away from ongoing running costs in the form of fuel.


As anyone who has ever been there will tell you – Sydney Harbour is best seen from the water.  OZCAT delivers the splendour of Sydney Harbour for a variety of guests from birthday parties and stag/hen parties to corporate events and team building.  Ozcat even hosts weddings and proposals!  The 1160 Resort offers open 360 degree panoramic views of Sydney for unforgettable experiences.


If you’re unsure of the features needed on a day charter boat, speak to us today.  Ozcat use their 1160 Resort to host important business meetings or client entertainment funtions, which have very different needs to traditional partygoers.  The 1160 Resort is equipped to handle both.  Need a waterslide from the roof?  Check.  Added bar-b-q space?  Check.  Need the boat to be an open conference room?  Check.  The options list is thorough and well thought out – even the size and layout of the drinks bar can be increased or reduced to meet your needs.

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To begin your day charter business today, get in touch with one of our day charter specialists.  We will run through the numbers and options so you’re up to date and informed on all of the things needed to operate a successful charter business! Still unsure? Send us an email with any questions you have about what your next steps should be and how to determine if this is the right choice for you.

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