Spec Talk: dive compressor, solar panels & generator

As new technologies develop, our customers are constantly coming across new and innovative products they would like to have installed on their boats. Where reasonable Seawind assists our owners in the discovery, research and installation of these items as we too like to future proof our boats and the options we make available to our customers.

On our latest Seawind 1260, the owner had some specific requirements tailored to the intended use of the boat. This 1260 is destined to become a liveaboard cruiser with a highly capable electrical system and well equipped for diving. Lets take a look at some of the new Seawind options developed for this boat…

Dive Compressor

This is an option we have had many requests for over the years. Due to the large cockpit arrangement of the 1260 we are now finally able to offer a fully installed dive package for those who wish to use their 1260 as a comfortable and capable dive platform.

We have managed to install the Bauer series 2 dive compressor which is a unit many people choose to use for similar sized boats. We have installed this unit in a sealed watertight storage compartment built specifically for this unit under the Port helm.  To to easily operate the compressor we have made the helm seat removable, allowing unobstructed access to this dive compressor while refilling dive tanks.

Step 1:

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Walk on Solar

Another request we have often heard is the ability to install flush mount solar panels. Flush mount panels are an interesting solution however it is worth considering the pro’s and cons of such an installation. In this configuration we installed 2x 320w flush panels on the hardtop and 2x 210w framed panels off the back of the targa arch giving a total of 1060W. The flush mount panels can contour to the shape of the roof and can therefore cover more surface area, their weakness however is reduced efficiency (our tests showed a 10% reduction compared to the framed panels) and extremely high surface tempearture when under direct sunlight. On a 30 degree (Celsius) day these panels were reading 110 degrees, far too hot to actually walk on without shoes.

In summary, this is a great option for the increased power but don’t plan to cover your roof and still walk around up there without any protective footwear.


Whilst this is not a new option for Seawind, we did want to take this opportunity to present the generator option and demonstrate how we deliver such a robust and reliable installation. Seawind have had a long and successful service relationship with Fischer Panda, our sole generator partner. In the past we have tested a number of other brands however once we discovered and tested the units provided by Fischer Panda we have not looked back. These units are not only extremely reliable and durable but they are also compact and quiet, just what you want for a backup power source on a mid sized cruiser.

On the Seawind 1260 we install a fisher Panda 8000i, one of Fischer Pandas iSeries Generators which use variable speed technology allowing the speed of the engine to be regulated to match the electrical load that is drawn from the set, this results in far greater efficiency and leads to reduced fuel consumption, longer service intervals, quieter running and extended engine life. Variable speed technology also allows the generator to be significantly smaller and lighter than conventional sets.

Currently most generators on the market operate with a fixed speed of 1500 / 3000 rpm 50Hz (or 1800 / 3600 rpm 60Hz) which leads to an inefficient system and incorrectly loaded engine. By simply adjusting the engine speed to match the load the engine is always correctly loaded.

The generator comes in an insulated fiberglass housing to reduce noise and vibration, Seawind also insulates the entire locker making for a whisper quiet genset installation. You’ll also notice the fuel filters, water filter and coolant bottle in this area, all very easy to access and with plenty of extra space for things like dive tanks and sails etc. This means that when you need to get in to do maintenance you can easily step down inside the locker for easy access and trouble shooting.

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  • Thanks for the great information.

    I’m just wondering if you have looked at the Occeanvolt electrical motors and associated lithium batteries and generator system. It looks like a great solution for you guys and one I will be interested in looking at when I am looking at purchasing

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