Seawind CatamaranRemains Open and Available to You!

We’re in uncharted territory, but doing what sailors do best: getting prepared….

With both our factory and service desk remaining open as usual we’re standing by to help with any enquires or requests for support.

The Situation at Seawind Catamarans

The good news is that we are in business, and business remains as usual at this stage. We have a full workforce at the factory and there has been no impact on our production schedule. While you may have heard that shipyards around the globe are mothballing, at Seawind, we remain relatively unaffected thus far. Whilst we are monitoring the situation daily and preparing for the worst, we are optimistic that the impact COVID-19 will have on our workforce and business will remain low. Seawind is benefitting from the decisive action taken by local government: there have been no local cases of COVID-19 so far, and we have proactively prepared for a number of situations including direct contact with a COVID-19 carrier to improve our chances of dealing with a worsening situation. Wash stations have been erected at the factory gates, with all employees and visitors required to wash hands. Further, temperature checks prior to entry into the premises are now required.  We have run re-education programmes on general hygiene, and are offering our staff supporting education on preparing prevention strategies for their families at home.

Our Supply Chain

We are fortunate to have been well stocked with materials prior to the outbreak, and currently we are fully stocked with all boatbuilding essentials.  For us, our resins and fiberglass are core to keeping our business running and we currently hold over 3 months of stock, which provides us with enough buffer to allow for delays in deliveries if any are to occur. We order most of our supplies from Australia, the United States and Europe so we are monitoring the effect in Europe daily and are advancing orders to ensure shipments are dispatched prior to any possible logistics restrictions. We only receive very little in the way of basic raw materials from China – such as consumables and fibreglass matting, and we are happy to hear from our suppliers there that the country is recovering, factories are re-opening and there is a sense of business-as-usual again. This is a good sign for us and our friends around the world that while we are only just feeling the peak of this pandemic now, others have begun to recover, as shall we.

Whilst our stock levels and fwd orders are carefully monitored and are well within required levels at this stage we are aware that any new part orders shall be delivered with longer lead times that we would typically expect to see. We are therefore asking all owners with boats under construction to finalise all options choices before the end of the month to enable us to fwd plan and ensure all goods are delivered on time so we can continue to deliver your boats on schedule.

Situation in Vietnam

The Vietnamese government has done an excellent job in taking proactive action on preventative measures. Early in February the government began the closure of schools, and the issuance of guidelines for businesses and individuals to be prepared. Strict quarantine measures have also been adopted with borders now closed to many European countries and immediate and enforceable quarantine for anyone in contact with someone tested positive and even people up to 3 levels of separation from people in contact with the virus.  Since then these measures have increased to the closure of bars and clubs and the introduction of a policy making the wearing of face masks compulsory in all public places. Despite bordering China and being at threat early on in this outbreak, as of 19th March Vietnam currently only has 76 active cases of COVID-19.

What can YOU do to help?

Governments are calling for people to isolate themselves from others to flatten the curve and reduce the spread… social distancing they’re calling it. While we agree it is important to restrict your contact with others at this time, it’s also important to go outside and keep your body moving. Especially if you’re working from home and inside most of the day, your body needs fresh air to stay healthy and moving during this difficult time. While many unknowns remain about the virus, earlier studies have shown that viruses in general thrive better in cool, dry climates. So, if you’ve been sent home from work or are trying out social distancing, to keep yourself and you’re family safe from harm, get out on the water and go sailing. By modern definition, we’d say Sailors have been social distancing for years. Go for a sail, get some fresh air and sunshine, keep your distance from crowds, and above all else stay safe and remain vigilant.

No one can predict how this pandemic will evolve and the impact it will have on world economies. At Seawind we shall continue to take the situation very seriously but stay positive. We are resilient, we will take the hit, get through this together, recover and come out of this stronger than ever.

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