Seawind Launches New Day Charter Catamaran

Seawind is about to revolutionize the day charter market with the launch of our newest design the Seawind 1160 Resort. At just 38’ this new day charter catamaran packs a punch, offering operators the ability to carry up to 43 passengers for day charter excursions and group party bookings.

This innovative day charter boat is designed for use at beach resorts, harbor sailing, whale watching, scuba/snorkeling excursions and for day charter party bookings. She is available in both a sail, and motor yacht version with the sail version taking preference for most buyers.

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Her design highlights some unique new features on a boat of this size including the fully covered cockpit and huge forward lounge area. Clever use of space and seating layout have enabled a huge passenger capacity without overcrowding the usable space onboard.

As a purpose built day charter catamaran the Seawind 1160 Resort has been developed around the owner/investors best interests. Maximum passenger capacity per foot of waterline is the key to any day charter boat formula, offering premium earning potential with minimal startup and running costs. This formula has proved a success with operators booking up 2017 production slots readying for the late 2017 charter season.

The company’s general manager Mike Rees explains “We have successfully delivered and exceeded our brief of a safe, cost effective and passenger friendly day charter boat, ideally suited to day charter excursions. It is designed and built to meet CE and/or Australian category C and D survey”

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He then goes on to say “Having used the 1160 resort on our first test charter, I was extremely pleased with the customer’s use and enjoyment of the fwd lounge area. This easily accessible and comfortable area is completely unique in a boat of this size”

2016-09-29 Seawind 1160-Resort Selected_ForWeb_ZEN_0573

Whilst extensive effort has been made to deliver a low maintenance, passenger friendly vessel, easily operated by one or two crew. This day charter catamaran also offers investors high earning potential and will become a must have addition to many beach resort and charter operations.

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