Seawind 1250 Northstar – Tender Choice

We decided to purchase the largest dinghy that would fit on the Seawind 1250 davits. The Highfield 3.4m dinghy which was offered by Seawind was a little small for what I wanted to be able to do with the boat. I wanted to be able to explore local estuaries and actually be able to leave the 1250 in the distance making the tender a second boat to have some fun with. We ended up special ordering the Highfield 3.8m through Seawind which fits very nicely on the standard davits system. My Fiancé feels safe in it as it is big and stable, The extra size is still incredibly easy to lift with the Seawind 1250 davits; even with the outboard attached.

The large dinghy means that we can also have a larger outboard. We have a 15 hp 2 stroke Suzuki which is lightest in class. The main advantages this has given me over other dinghies.

  • Extra load carrying capacity for people, groceries and or fuel
  • Fast – get places in a hurry; good in an emergency or to go exploring
  • Deep bow provides dry ride
  • Comfortable ride and good in a seaway
  • We could tow the Seawind if we ever had to


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