Seawind 1190 Sport wins Cruising World Boat of the Year Award

It’s been a week to remember at Seawind Catamarans and Corsair Marine.  On Wednesday the very first Corsair 760 left the shipyard on her way to her new home in Germany.  Today, the Seawind 1190 Sport wins Cruising World magazine’s Boat of the Year judges special choice Award.

Cruising World Boat of The Year 2017

Thanks to all the team at Cruising World – who didn’t have the best of conditions (only very light breeze) in which to test our new 1190 Sport.  Carol Hasse said “We sailed this boat in less than 3 knots of breeze but still made far better than 2 knots of boat speed. So it’s a boat that really moves. It has daggerboards, the rudders are in cartridges, and it has a pair of outboards that tip up, so it’s easily beachable. I think it’s going to be a very fun boat for people who love to sail.”

Ed Sherman said: “I liked the boat immediately. If I were considering a multihull, this is one of the boats I’d be seriously looking at. It’s simple, but it’s sincere. It’s real. And I think Carol nailed it: It would be a fast, awesome coastal cruiser”.

The Seawind 1190 Sport Wins Cruising World Boat of the Year Honourable Mention

The writers at Cruising World have clearly seen the “Sport” in the 1190 Sport.  So we are thrilled that they have discovered exactly what we wanted to create:  a fast, sporty cruiser that would just be a lot of fun!

Congratulations to the 200+ boatbuilders, technicians, and shipwrights in our shipyard who have worked so hard on this and our other new boats this year!

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