Seawind 1160 Talisker dominates early proceedings at Hamilton Island Race Week

Alan Hunter and his crew aboard Talisker are dominating early doors at Hamilton Island Race week, despite occupying a Multihull Cruising Division 1 full of larger yachts including a Saba 50 and an Outremer 45.  Despite the reputation, at 38 feet an 1160 taking out a fleet full of 45’s and 50’s is no mean feat.  But Talisker had picked up exactly where she left off just a year ago after winning this division in 2015, proving last year was no strange vintage.

Multihull Cruising Division 2 is an all-Seawind affair, with 12 boats taking part. Renaissance, a Seawind 1250 launched in 2015 is leading the way, winning the day on both elapsed and of course corrected time. It speaks volumes that so many Seawinds come together in such a fittingly beautiful location. Filling the division means this group of Seawinds can enjoy competitive sailing and some well earned social.  We look forward to seeing the photos!

In this setting, with this sunset, maybe the only thing missing is a wee dram!  Perhaps Talisker can oblige…

Hamilton Island Race Week day 1

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