Sailing Butters and story of Atlantic crossing on the Seawind 1260 – November 2021

Sailing Butters blog began with two story tellers: Isabel and Marin, and their kid – Toni. Nurturing the dream of circumnavigating the world by sail boat, they started their journey in the middle of 2020 on the Seawind 1260 which called Butters. They have planned to conquer the Atlantic ocean since April, 2021 but it could not happend until lately- November. We are exhilarated to repost their story, to express the sailing life inspiration to the community, an extraordinary life you only have one.

Joining in this adventure, Borna and Goran- long time friends and now sailing family, did make the time more precious and unforgettable.

The day before departure, may the weather be favourable and memorable experience come their way, although they have faced some unfortunate problem equipment things, the journey still came in a extremely thoughtful preparation.

Let’s hear the challeging but also grandiose Atlantic crossing story from Sailing Butters.

Day 1

We’re off!

Last selfie before lifting the anchor and leaving for good. We left Canary Islands at 17:00 on Nov 29th 2021.We scraped the barnacles off the hulls in order to squeeze every last bit of “free performance”, and waited on anchor until the wind dies off a little. Winds are blowing at 20kt gusting 25kt just behind our beam.The seas are a bit rough at around 3 meters and we’re sailing on broad reach towards La Palma.We plan to pass La Palma around 6AM on the North side and avoid the volcano ashes as much as possible.After that we’ll keep monitoring weather and sail to W-NW until eventually turning south.#sailingbutters

Day 2

Goodbye land!

The first night underway went well. Winds were between 20 and 30kt, seas 3 meters and calming down through the night. We were flying the jib with a reef2 in the mainsail, and the boat was doing anything from 8 to 10, occasional 12 knots on gusts. We covered 160NM in the last 24 hours.At 5AM, Borna noticed the water glowing around us, and soon realized it was either a pod of dolphins or tuna swimming around the boat and going wild. It was pitch dark outside and we couldn’t tell what they were. We quickly threw a couple of handlines in the sea in case they were tuna, and got exactly 0 fish. In fact, we haven’t caught a proper fish in over a 1000 miles. The number of Goran’s jokes on Marin’s bill has piled up quite significantly.Today we rounded the N corner of La Palma, island with the active volcano you’ve probably seen in the news. Some crew secretly hoped to see some volcano action, but the storm clouds covered the upper half of the island and made it impossible to see anything. Leaving La Palma marks the last piece of land we’ll see until arriving in Caribbean next month.#sailing#sailingatlantic#sailingbutters

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