Ongoing Quality Assurance (QA) Advancements

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products – and it’s a value shared by all Seawind personnel.  So at Seawind Catamarans we are constantly reviewing and enhancing our quality assurance (QA) procedures.  We find the best method for achieving the high quality standards we set for ourselves is by open collaboration and communication across our teams. We share feedback from owners, trade innovations from across the industry, and our launching/commissioning team and partners.  The result is an ever improving build procedure and quality assurance process ensuring every Seawind catamaran delivered is the best one yet!

Recently, we combined our overall (company-wide) quality advancement meeting with the Production Department’s monthly quality assurance meeting – meaning the entire management team from Production was present.  In this meeting the managers of each product line and support department raised opportunities and ideas for improved quality.  This recent meeting resulted in a new initiative to implement cross-department quality checks.  This will be a process added to the already existing structured (and primary) QA check, but which will require the manager of an external department to perform a final QA, thus providing an internal critique with a fresh set of eyes.  It’s just one example of evolving and progressing…


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