New Options from 2019

As new technologies develop, our customers are constantly coming across new and innovative products they would like to have installed on their new-build Seawinds. Where we can, Seawind assists its owners in the discovery, research and installation of these items, as we too like to future-proof our boats and the options we make available to our customers. So let’s take a critical look at some of the newest options Seawind is offering, along with their benefits and restrictions.


Part Number OP036


This option upgrades the standard lead-acid battery system to a high-capacity lithium system from Mastervolt, and also modifies the entire charging system ensuring a complete, compatible system with upgraded Mastervolt chargers and regulators. The start battery is also upgraded to AGM with a DC-DC charging unit.

Standard 1160/1190 battery system specifications:
2x 120AH Lead Acid House Batteries (34kg each) + 1x 120AH Lead Acid Start Battery (34kg)  = 102kg
Usable house amp hours (Lead Acid = 40%) = 96AH

Lithium battery system specifications:
1x 360AH Lithium House Batteries (58kg each)  + 1x 90AH (AGM) Start Battery (28kg ) = 86kg
2x Magic 12/12-20, Mastervolt DC-DC chargers (1.8kg each) = 3.6kg
1x EasyCharge 10, Mastervolt AC-DC chargers (2.8kg each) = 2.8kg
Usable house amp hours (Lithium = 80%) = 288AH
Gain of: 192AH
Weight saving: 9.6kg

Available on: 1160, 1190 (a similar option is available on the 1260 as part number #OP028 and 1600 as part number #19294)


Part Number 20155

CZone Digital Switching (DC)

The sleek CZone® touch screen digital switching system provides a lightweight, sophisticated switching system enabling control and monitoring of your vessel through the navigation table-mounted touch screen display. The system can also be controlled at the helm-mounted chartplotter or wirelessly via tablet or smartphone.

The CZone® digital control & monitoring network provides a sophisticated solution via the automation of complicated control and monitoring issues associated with today’s onboard systems. The CZone system features built-in timers, dimmers, alarms, voltage reducers, and load shedding. With safety in mind, the CZone system features a manual bypass, and its ‘No-Single-Failure-Point’ technology means it is a plug & play system with redundancies.

Available on: 1160, 1190, 1260 (a similar option is available on the 1600 as part number #20171)


Part Number 19525

Rope Cutter- Shart Shark

The SHAFT SHARK is a serrated edge circular blade machined from high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel. It is available as a two-piece split unit for quick and simple installation and maintenance with no need to remove the propeller. Zero maintenance is required as there are no moving parts (cutters/bearings/zincs/stops) to maintain or replace annually. As a bonus, after years of use this cutter can easily be re-sharpened if necessary.

Attached to your shaft just forward of your propeller, it rotates with the shaft, cutting away any rope, weed or debris that might try to entangle your propeller while you are under motor. This option is a must-have if motoring in polluted waters, such as Asia, where stray fishing nets and debris are plentiful.

Available on: 1260, 1600


Part Number 20330


In this configuration Seawind install 2x 320w flush panels on the hardtop and 2x 210w framed panels off the back of the targa arch giving a total of 1060W. The flush mount panels can contour to the shape of the roof and therefore cover more surface area, their weakness however is reduced efficiency (our tests showed a 10% reduction compared to the framed panels of equivalent wattage). This option also includes 2x 60A Mastervolt solar regulators maximizing the efficiency the panels can output.

This option includes stainless aft supports and davit extension, improving the ease of raising and lowering your dinghy from the transom.

Available on: 1160, 1190, 1260 (a similar option is available on the 1600 as part number #20331)


Part Number 18224

B&G Autopilot Remote

Stay in control, wherever you are on board. Incorporating long-range Bluetooth technology for a range up to 30 metres in a compact and lightweight package, the WR10 wireless remote works with the B&G autopilot systems to enable precise heading adjustments and autopilot control.

Available on: 1160, 1190, 1260, 1600

B&G ForwardScan® Option

Part Number 19375

B&G forward Scan option

Explore poorly-chartered or unfamiliar waters with confidence, avoid upcoming dangers or obstructions, and set custom shallow-depth alarms with B&G’s forward-looking sensor. With an effective range eight times the water’s the actual depth, ForwardScan® helps you avoid groundings or damage to keels and rudders while pinpointing the ideal spot for anchoring.

Bottom Colour Tracking offers a solid 2D rendering of the bottom ahead of your vessel for an uncluttered, immediately understandable view. Make fast and well-informed navigational decisions without needing to interpret the individual data points returned by the echosounder.

Heading Line View integrates ForwardScan® depth data with the heading line displayed on the navigation page of your B&G multifunction display. The line is colour-coded in segments to represent deep, medium, and shallow water, with customisable depth ranges to suit your boat’s draught.
ForwardScan’s forward range scale is automatically synchronised with the length of the heading line. In split-screen ForwardScan®/Navigation view, the full distance from your vessel to the end of the heading line is represented in 2D on the ForwardScan® display. Quickly reconcile ForwardScan® data with the charted depth and your present course, for a comprehensive understanding of what’s ahead.

Available on: 1160, 1190, 1260, 1600


Part Number 5355-0

Dingy Highfield OM390 - Hypalon Center Console

A fabulous cruising RIB and the perfect companion for the Seawind 1600. You can be assured that your Highfield RIB is built to last, as the Ocean Master 390 is designed with harsh conditions in mind. Integrated fuel tank, non-slip deck, and a 20º dead rise let you take on even the roughest conditions with confidence.

The Ocean Master 390 is made of 3mm thick, powder-coated marine-grade aluminium for the hull and Hypalon fabric for the inflatable tube. This package includes rear bench seat, centre console with spray shield, anchor locker, dry storage, and even navigation lights for night trips. Combine with a lightweight 30hp outboard for the perfect cruising tender.

Available on: 1600 (smaller model Highfield ribs available on the 1160, 1190 and 1260 models)

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