New 1190 Sport wins Black Dog Dash, confirms her design brief

New 1190 Sport stretches her legs in winning Black Dog Dash and in so doing, confirms her design brief.


News has reached us that the new Seawind 1190 Sport BIME has won the cruising division of one of the highlights of the multihull calendar in the NorthEast USA – the Black Dog Dash.  Held off Martha’s Vineyard, 24 boats braved the heavy air with the Seawind 1190 making headlines for winning the race, and hosting the subsequent celebrations.

Despite the elegant location, the event looked to be a tough one – the two days prior to the event saw 25- 35 knots of wind and some of the fleet elected not to make the sail to the iconic island.  Nevertheless, 24 boats began the race (up on last year) as conditions began to settle on race day.  The NEMA (New England Multihull Association) rating system tries hard to level the field, and gives new boats a tough rating.  The 1190 Sport was rated on par with 3 of the high-performance Corsair 27 trimarans.  But those tough conditions no doubt favoured the 1190’s offshore pedigree and gave the boat its first chance to demonstrate its design brief – to outperform her size in demanding conditions.


The Black Dog Dash is an unusual race in that it is a pursuit start which has the slowest boats start first and the fastest last, according to their handicaps.  The 1190 started about 25 minutes behind the first boat and 40 minutes in front of the last boat.  The finish was especially exciting as the faster boats were gaining fast but the 1190 held on for the win.  BIME also lived up to her legendary Australian heritage – the Seawind 1190 was the party boat.

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