Impact in the middle of the Pacific!

“Seawind treats us like we’re company stock holders with voting shares”

Mark Hardesty

On the 8th of July, Mark and Isabelle aboard their 2008 1160 “Jollydogs”, experienced a sailor’s worst fear while sailing from Hawaii to Seattle. At around 17:30 there was an enormous bang and Mark found himself thrown to the cockpit sole, having recovered his senses he inspected the boat, only to find that they had hit a large, hard, unidentified object that had completely destroyed the starboard bow. We often wonder what would happen in the event of such an impact and what we would need to have onboard in order to combat such a catastrophic incident. Thanks to the well prepared crew, and built in redundancy of the 1160 design, Jolly Dogs continues to limp on to the safety of the closest safe harbour. We wish for safe and gentle conditions for Mark and Isabelle and await their safe arrival at port.

Damaged stardboard bow

Below you’ll find their latest posting as of today, and you can keep up to date on their entire adventure on their blog HERE.

There is much that can be learned from this experience, about the inherent safety of the vessel and as guide on the spares and equipment to keep onboard that can minimise the risk of total loss in the event of such impact. We highly recommend reading through the blog posts surrounding this event on the Jollydogs blog.

The trouble with Seawind Catamarans

Tue July 13 2021

– a blog post from SV Jollydogs
We’re sailing a 2008 Seawind 1160, a boat that a crowd of folks enjoy racing in Australia. There seem to be a good number of live-aboard sailors as well. Living on a boat in a marina is one thing; living in remote locations on the hook is a different animal. If you go hunting for a bear you better be loaded for bear, because a bear will laugh at a popgun. We’ve got extensive provisions and spare parts, we’ve got a 30 gallon per hour water maker, we’ve got extra refrigeration for food (and beer), we’ve got a diesel fired blown air furnace, and we’ve got toys like kite boarding gear, one SCUBA setup, SUP and kayak. We’ve also got shades and bug screens and the like. We have 7 20 liter jerry cans with diesel and 2 with gasoline to run the dinghy and the emergency backup Honda 2kw generator. We’ve got a Parasailor, a second jib, and a screecher sail. All that takes up space, and it adds weight, a lot of it.


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