1190 Sport arrives in Boston

After extensive testing at the factory the first new Seawind 1190 Sport was shipped to New York where it was collected last week by new owner and Multihull enthusiast Bob Gleason. The new 1190 was unloaded from the ship and motored to a nearby marina where the mast and rigging was set she then made her way north for a 200 mile journey to Bobs home in Massachusetts. The 200 mile trip north took them 27 hours with average speeds between 12 and 14kts.

“The delivery from New York to Massachusetts went extremely well, especially for a newly launched boat. During the delivery we hit 16.2kts in just 21kts of wind, we had white water spraying over the boat and were holding on tight as we were powering up – very impressive for the first sail!”

-Bob Gleason , The Multihull Source

1190 transom

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