Seawind Magazines

We are very pleased to present three publications of Seawind Cruising Club – lauched by Seawind Catamarans. We have published 3 issues since our first one which was released in 2018. The latest magazine has been bringing all fresh articles and beautiful cruising experiences in 2020.

“Ever since we made the decision to launch Seawind Cruising Club magazine, we’ve pouring our hearts to bring the type of content we know and love from Seawind community. When it comes to magazines for sailors, there are so much more than just a cruising voyage. Our goal is to create a publication that goes right to the heart of what matters most Seawind Community, whether you are new to a Seawind catamaran or have been a great owner to one model of our Seawind catamaran pedigree.

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