Charter a Seawind


Seawind are excited to launch Seawind Sailing Holidays! Click on the links below to discover Seawinds available for charter at your next holiday destination…


Seawind Catamarans are situated all over Australia in fantastic locations like Darwin, Lake Macquarie, Pittwater, Fremantle, Melbourne, Fraser Island, Brisbane & Moreton Bay. See where the closest Seawind is to you for your next sailing holiday.


There’s something for everyone with the diversity of North America, from sailing along side pods of killer whales in the North Pacific to the beaches and bikinis of Miami Florida, the United States has got it all.


More laid back and holiday focused than the northern area of Thailand, the beautiful beaches, amazing coastline and various islands of Southern Thailand are an inspiration to anyone looking for for relaxation or adventure.


Said to be Natures Little Secrets the BVIs are a breathtaking collection of 60 islands both inhabited and uninhabited all withineasy sailing distance. Turquoise crystal clear water ad white sand beaches, really one of the most spectacular places in the world.





Explore the vibrant, friendly islands of the Abacos. Here you will experience year-round fair weather climate, miles of endless beaches, and charming colonial villages.