Seawind 1600 Nominated for Multihull of the Year 2018

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Following the excitement of the Barcelona Boat Show, where the new Seawind 1600 made her worldwide premier, another announcement has been made:  The Seawind 1600 is nominated for Multihull of the Year 2018, in the ‘Over 50’ category.

Winners will be announced at the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte next year.

While we don’t know the results of the competition, we do know that our nomination owes much to fantastic design, and the efforts of our Production Team to keep weight down.  Testing of the 1600 occurred in demanding conditions – a storm struck Barcelona just the day before testing.  And while the wind died in the calm following the storm, the sea state remained rough to very rough.  Big seas and not enough wind are always a poor combination, but the 1600 was able to punch through the waves and keep momentum even as the low wind oscilated through difficult shifts.  The combination of the balance of the design, and weight-saving efforts, was crucial.

Seawind 1600 #1 Delivery Report.

The difficult sea state also gave us a good opportunity to test out the powerful, upgraded 80 horsepower engines found on 1600 number 1.  Previously, in low to moderate seas we had found operating on 1 engine was enough.  But in these conditions the performance of the 2 powerful engines reflected their numbers.  Easy 8 knot progress was always possible, with low vibration, no slamming under power.  And the height, balance, and angle of the tender and davits (which carried a 3.8-metre rib and no less than 30-hp outboard engine) was well tested!

Thanks to the awards team for joining us on an exciting test (next time we will arrange better weather).


If you are looking for more details and specifications of the design and options on the 1600, check out the private viewing page for more features and updates.


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