Seawind 1600 Nominated for 2018 Asia Boating Awards


Following the excitement of the 2018 Multihull of the Year Nomination, we are proud to announce that our flagship Seawind 1600 is once again nominated for the 2018 Asia Boating Awards.

Designed for extended ocean crossings, the Seawind 1600 has all of the cruising practically you would expect from a new Seawind, but delivered on long, fast, performance hulls. The carbon and Kevlar reinforced hulls with collision bulkheads are both stiff and safe. High aspect deep retracting rudders and daggerboards offer performance and practicality – this boat tacks easily and is a nimble performer, but has a minimum draft of only 54 cm with the foils raised. Poise is combined with power in the shape of a 23-metre rig and relatively larger sail area, providing a power to weight ratio to reel off long ocean miles but managed with simple sailing systems.

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