3 WAGS in a Row! (That is: Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing!)

Its a Seawind Dynasty at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron because Seawind have now won the annual series prize for the “WAGS Summer Super Series” 3 years on the bounce!

In 2017 the prize went to David Fadden on the Seawind 1000XL Simple Pleasures.


Seawind 1000 XL Simple Pleasures

In 2018, it was Craig Margetts Scarlett, a Seawind 1160 deluxe who ran riot despite being an 8-year old boat!  Congrats on your matching shirts and hats, Craig.  The win is nice too.

Finally, and perhaps most glamorously, it’s Chris Henry on his Seawind 1250

Doesn’t this look like a professional sailor?

For more information on the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron WAGS series, see http://www.rqys.com.au/events/wags

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