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Sail DownUnder

Welcome to Sail DownUnder! If you live outside of Australia and are considering buying a Seawind, why not take advantage of our fantastic “Sail DownUnder” program.

Rather than simply having your boat shipped to the USA, Europe, Asia or other international location, why not ‘Come Walkabout’ and explore one of the most spectacular cruising locations on the planet…Australia!

Australia is the 6th largest country, the world’s largest island, the largest island that is a continent, the only continent that is also a country, the first continent to be conquered by the sea, and the last.

It’s home to the world’s largest living thing, the Great Barrier Reef which consists of 2,900 individual reefs stretching 1,600 miles long and covering 133,000 square miles. There are also countless islands, beautiful beaches and brilliant anchorages scattered along the east coast of Australian with the islands of the South Pacific only days away.

Seawind regularly have customers take advantage of the Sail DownUnder program and so we have packaged together some suggested itineraries for your convenience.

Kangaroo Kruise

–        Sail east coast Australia for up to 2 months

–        Sydney Harbour to the Whitsundays

–        Seawind delivery skipper included. 

Boomerang Round Trip

–        Sail Australia and the Pacific

–        Sydney to New Caledonia or New Zealand and back

–        Cruise the east coast of Australia for 6 to 12 months or even more.

–        Seawind delivery skipper will command the boat for the ocean crossing.

–        Ocean Crossing can be conducted with or without owners.

–        Then the boat is shipped home.

Endeavour Expedition

–        Trace the path of Captain Cook’s HMAS Endeavour

–        Cruise Australia then sail the Pacific via New Zealand and Tahiti,

–        then to Hawaii, Alaska or to the Galapagos and South America.

–        Seawind skipper will join for the first leg.


Note: The boat must depart Australian waters within 2 months to avoid the local 10% GST. 


Visas & Permits

Apart from the standard 3 month tourist visa, there is a 12 month extended holiday visa which is available and renewable. Further information on visas can be found if you CLICK HERE.

After the initial 2 month period in Australia after the official handover date of the vessel, a 12 month Cruising Permit can be obtained and extended to another 6 months. A further 12 month Cruising Permit can be obtained if the vessel is again sailed from Australian waters. For further information on Cruising Permits CLICK HERE.


Seasonal Considerations

If you are from the Northern Hemisphere, don’t forget that our seasons are opposite. This means from about May through to October are brilliant to cruise north and the Pacific Islands, however in the warmer months from November through until April, the northern parts of Australia experience a Wet Season and the occasional Cyclone. This is when cruisers head south and explore the more metropolitan cruising locations such as Moreton Bay near Brisbane and the Gold Coast then further south to Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Pittwater, Sydney Harbour, Port Hacking, Jervis Bay and more in New South Wales. For more information about Australian weather, visit www.bom.gov.au 


Home Base

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When your boat is launched it is commissioned at Birkenhead Point Marina, in the heart of Sydney Harbour which is only half an hour drive from the International Airport where a Seawind staff member will collect you and deliver you to your new boat. Seawind staff also man an office at the marina in Sydney Harbour and can provide further assistance and support to make sure you ease into your new home on the water. Everything is close by including a large shopping center which is perfect for commissioning your new boat before you go sailing. There is also good public transport.


To listen to one of our previous Sail DownUnder customers, Joe Siudzinski and other Seawind adventurers, CLICK HERE.

For further information on the Seawind Sail DownUnder program, please email inquiries to info@seawindcats.com