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Catamaran Cruising Podcasts

Enjoy listening to our new CATAMARAN CRUISING Podcasts, bringing you interviews and advice from catamaran sailors who have lived the dream!

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Episode 12 - Circumnavigating Australia with a Family
The Margett's family complete their circumnavigation of Australia onboard a 38 Seawind 1160 after 12 months at sea.
Episode 11 - Ten Vital Aspects of Long Distance Cruising
After sailing from Australia to Europe onboard his Seawind 1000 "Deja Vu", Lloyd Price shares his 'Ten Vital Aspects of Long Distance Cruising'.

Episode 10 - Crossing the Pacific with Victory Cat
Join Tim & Ruth Henning as they tell their story of crossing the Pacific from the USA to Australia aboard 38ft Seawind 1160 cruising catamaran “Victory Cat” as part of a larger circumnavigation of the globe. Learn what motivated them to sail the world and how they prepared for this journey from the boat selection, to training and mental preparation and learn about some of the amazing destinations and experiences they had cruising the South Pacific.

Episode 9 - Testing the new Seawind 1250 on Bass Strait
Listen to this in-depth interview with Richard Ward, owner, director and senior design contributor of Seawind Catamarans, following his return testing the Seawind 1250 across the infamous Bass Strait, between Victoria and Tasmania in the very south of Australia. Richard not only goes into detail on his design philosophy of the new Seawind 1250, but also gives a thorough report on its first ocean passage, plus some good cruising tips for Bass Strait. This is a MUST LISTEN episode!

Episode 8 - Cyclonic Sailing to Lord Howe Island
Today we have a very exciting tale of high seas and adventure, as we interview Ron Bickerstaff, part owner of a Syndicated Seawind 1000 “Dejavue”. Ron, along with fellow owner Keith Lawrence recently Sydney to Lord Howe Island, which is considered the most beautiful island in the Pacific and is World Heritage listed for it’s global significance of natural beauty and biodiversity. After several days of beating to windward in the wild Tasman Sea, they face the equivalent of a category 2 cyclone and hove to for 9 hours just 30 nautical miles from Lord Howe.

Episode 7 - Charter Boat Investments
With catamarans being the priority choice most charter companies around the world, this special report looks closely into charter boat ownership to give you an overall view of how it works and how it might work for you. We speak with a number of experts within the industry including a multiple charter boat owner, the CEO of a large charter fleet and a financier that specializes in charter boat finance. We also examine the new 30% investment allowance being offered by the Australian Government which has had our phones ringing hot over the past few weeks.

Episode 6 - Circumnavigating the world with Outboards
After cruising the world for over 12 years, Chris & Karen Ennor of 34ft catamaran “Magic Carpet” share their experience of circumnavigating with the world with a single 9.9hp outboard motor. Learn and listen to the pros and cons of outboard motors, plus how to be best prepared before undertaking a long term blue water cruise.

Episode 5 - Cruising the Kimberley with "Camelot"
Join Steve Tull, owner of Seawind 1160 Camelot as he talks us through a remarkable journey on his 38ft catamaran through one of the most remote and spectacular locations on the planet, the Kimberlies. Remarkable rivers & gorges, vertical and horizontal waterfalls, ancient Aboriginal artwork, plus an abundance of fish, turtles, sea birds, whales, sharks and even crocodiles. This extended interview is a must for the extended sailor!

Episode 4 - Circumnavigating Australia on "Amazing Grace"
Listen to Russell Wallace and his experience sailing some 11,500 Nautical Miles circumnavigating Australia on a 33ft Seawind 1000 catamaran in 20 months. What makes Russell’s story even more amazing is that before owning his catamaran, Russell had never before been cruising.

Episode 3 - Cruising the Pacific with "Caprice" - Part 2.
Join Dan & Carol Seifers in part 2 of their incredible adventure across the Pacific Ocean on a Seawind 1160 catamaran “Caprice”. We pick up where we left off in the previous episode after having just arrived in Tahiti after sailing from Australia. The next two legs are across the equator to Hawaii and then onto the highlight of the voyage, Alaska.

Episode 2 - Cruising the Pacific with "Caprice" - Part 1.
This is Part 1 of a very special two part series, following Dan and Carol Seifers adventure on their Seawind 1160 cruising catamaran, from Australia to New Zealand, then Tahiti, Hawaii, Alaska and finally home to San Francisco. This episode covers their two first major ocean crossings from Australia to New Zealand (9 days at sea), and then New Zealand to Tahiti (18 days at sea) and many of their experiences at each location. Also some interesting information on communication at sea, navigation, boat and food preparation and more.

Episode 1 - Sailing Downunder with Joe Siudzinski
This audio interview shares Joe's experience cruising a Seawind 1000 "Katie Kat" with with Kathy along the entire east coast of Australia, then the South Pacific.