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Seawind Owners are located all around the world and collectively have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. Below are just a few Seawind owners who are currently cruising and have online logs where you can read and view their latest adventures:

Rosemary & Phils Travels Starting off in Melbourne and heading towards the North Coast of Queensland. Very honest and say it like it is owners of Seawind 1160 Annabella
Dave & George: Two mates trying to carve out a hybrid life of medcine and cruising in their Seawind 1160 Catamaran Nimrod 
Lloyd Price Lloyd Price has been cruising the world on his Seawind 1000 since 2004, he has a long list of destinations that he has been to and an equally long list of places he aims to explore, he is currently in Turkey. Follow his journey..
Craig and Kerry Margetts Craig and Kerry Margetts, along with their two boys and dog set out on their circumnavigation of Australia, follow their journey here.
Tim & Ruth Henning Tim & Ruth are on an adventure of a lifetime, sailing the Seawind 1160 from the USA, they are currently located on the East Coast of Australia. Follow their amazing adventures here.
Alec and Ann Waring After taking delivery of their boat in Australia, New Zealand couple Alec & Ann have now made it to the UAE, follow their adventures..
"Caprice" - Dan & Carole Seifers: Dan & Carole Seifers are sailing the Pacific Ocean on their Seawind 1160 "Caprice" from Australia to the USA, via Tahiti and Hawaii. Follow their cruising blog online.
"Amazing Grace" - Russell Wallace: Russell is living his dream by cruising around Australia on his Seawind 1000. Already he has sailed the east coast of Australia from the Whitsundays to Tasmania. Follow his journey from his website.
"Katie Kat" - Joe & Kathy Siudzinski: Seawind 1000 owners who have extensively sailed the east coast of Australia, plus journeyed to New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and more recently Alaska from the USA. Brilliant photos and very informative.
"Gato Loco" - The Crazy Cat Crew: This jointly owned Seawind 1000 has had many adventures cruising and racing from California to Mexico. This is a fantastic website with great updates.
"Bella Via" - Paul and Mary Major:Paul and Mary are living the dream and sailing downunder on their Seawind 1200. Cruising up the east coast of Australia, Bella Via has now cruised not just New Cal but also Vanuatu, and the Louisiades of PNG.
"Andamon" - Jon and Lyn Harris:Andamon Goes North! Follow Jon & Lyn's journey up to the Whitsundays, read their interesting stories and view their amazing photos.
"Adagio" - Peter & Julie Long:Follow Peter and Julie Long as they blog the adventures they have on their Seawind 1000.
"Sol Surfin" -Two souls pullin up anchor from the moors of life to the winds of fate to follow the sun...This is the beginning of our story...' join them when you can... .
"Phase 2" - Warren & Debbie Kerswill:Read about and view fantastic pictures of Warren and Debbies experiences sailing their Brand new Seawind 1160